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How to Get Your Skin Summer Ready!

Now that summer is finally here, the weather is warmer, and the sun is brighter but the UV radiation is also stronger. UV radiation is strongest during summer time and Australia has some of the highest UV levels in the world. Sunscreen is a must and best to put a hat on just to be safe. According to the skin cancer council, the sun in summer can cause sunburn in as little as 11 minutes!

Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation

Damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet radiation is often referred to as sun damage or photoaging. The radiation can cause any of the following:

  • sunburn

  • pigmentation

  • fine lines and wrinkles

  • redness and broken capillaries

  • skin sagging

Sunburns can happen to anyone exposed to the sun. It is more noticeable in people with fair skin (Fitzpatrick Scale I - III) because they get burnt quicker than people with darker skin types (Fitzpatrick Scale IV - VI).

Pigmentation are dark spots on the skin which often appear in the form of freckles or age spots. After your skin has been exposed to the sun, it will produce more melanin (pigmentation responsible for skin colour) and over time the melanin will be 'clumped up' or present in high concentrations in certain areas.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is the most suitable treatment for pigmentation of this nature. The light emitted is readily absorbed by the melanin and will break up the pigment. Other treatments include herbal or chemical peels to increase skin renewal or laser treatment

Repeated sun exposure will also damage collagen and elastin in the skin which will result in fine lines and wrinkles as well as saggy skin. Q-switch clearlift laser combined with near-infrared (NIR) is a gentle yet efficient procedure to stimulate your own collagen and elastin which will rejuvenate the skin. There is no downtime after this procedure.

Rosacea is a skin inflammatory disorder which often results in redness on the cheeks. It is generally present all the time but it flares up with certain triggers. Unprotected sun exposure is a common one as well as menopausal hot flashes, hay fever, heat, alcohol and many more. IPL is a great way to treat and manage rosacea.

Best Treatments To Do During Summer

The best treatments to do during summer are treatments that are gentle with little to no downtime. Skin treatments often cause microdamage to the skin to renew the skin. This results in the skin being a bit sensitive for a few days afterwards which makes it more vulnerable to UV radiation. It is easy to damage the skin but fixing it takes time and patience to reverse the effects of sun damage. If you want the best for your skin you can consider the following options and be diligent with your skincare routine!

Carbon Facial has no downtime after the procedure. No redness nor will there be any sensitivity to the sun. A specially formulated gel containing carbon and charcoal will be brushed all over the face to absorb excess oil and impurities. Followed by a laser to activate the carbon which will efficiently remove the dirt and gently exfoliate any old skin.

The carbon facial is also called china doll peel or Hollywood facial due to its effectiveness and it is an absolute must-do during summer. In the hot season, you will produce more sweat and oil but this will lead to unwanted shimmer and increase the risk of pimples and acne. The laser will reduce overall oil production, tighten the pores and brighten your complexion. Great to do before any events and for dull and oily skin.

Herbal B Peel uses the power of herbs to treat the skin hence it will not cause any damage to the skin. For best results, it is best to avoid direct sunlight, vigorous exercise and water for the first 24 hours. This is because the herbal has been massaged into the skin and will continue to be absorbed afterwards while the tingliness is still present. The longer the herbs stay there the more result you will get.

The key herbs in this treatment are spirulina, marigold, German chamomile, horsetail, mallow and sage. Its combined action will increase circulation to the skin, calm the skin with its anti-inflammatory actions, repair the skin and improve hydration. Suitable for all skin types.


Everyone has different skin types, dry, dehydrated, mature, oily and/or problematic skin but the ultraviolet rays will affect everyone. It is so important to apply and reapply sunscreen every 3-4 hours (depending on the SPF). Without knowing, the ultraviolet rays will accumulate over time and 20 years later you will start to notice more lines or even some age spots.

You can use any sunscreen. Preferably something that suits your skin and has SPF50+.

We love mesoestetic's mesoprotech melan 130 pigment control because not only is it broad spectrum coverage and SPF50+, but it also has a light tint and properties that will inhibit melanin production which will prevent freckles and dark spots from occurring.


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